Well I suppose there is a trend starting here. I seem to enjoy making myself cheatsheets, and since they should be accessible form more than just one machine (but I’m too lazy to try to both update them and keep them in sync) I’m just gonna post some here.

So here is a cheatsheet on Website Performance, touching on old familiar standards like the YSlow rules from Steve Souders at Yahoo! This is not an in-depth explanation of anything, it’s a quick and dirty reference list to jog my memory as needed. Mostly just bullet points, so yeah, you may not even want to click the link if your goal is to actually learn about the topic.

web performance cheatsheet

Feel free to tell me about things I’ve omitted. I could certainly benefit by learning more about this topic. Of course, if the site loads too slowly for you to do so, which is highly unlikely, don’t tell me. What do I look like, the ambassador of Github?