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  • Regex Cheatsheet I like regex and I use this a lot in my work. Here is a quick and dirty cheatsheet for regex!

  • Vagrant Cheatsheet Here is a cheatsheet on Vagrant, using Virtualbox VMs. Covers basic commands and a few example setup and provisioning files.

  • Emercoin Setup Notes Quick how-to about setting up Emercoin to run on Debian 8.2

  • Bitcoin vs Blockchains Bitcoin is not THE blockchain. The underlying tech is finding its way into more and more application domains and this is actually a GOOD thing for Bitcoin. BTC will specialize, and become more competitive in the financial services realm while other, specialized chains will serve other niches.

  • More Domain Thefts (yawn) More domain name thefts reported this week. ICANN shrugs, registry operators claim to have their hands tied, registrars bury their heads in the sand, registrants get screwed. Same as it ever was.

  • Web Performance Cheatsheet Here is a cheatsheet on Website Performance, touching on old familiar standards like the YSlow rules from Yahoo! This is not an in-depth explanation of anything, it's a quick and dirty reference list...

  • Jade Cheatsheet and example I like 'jade' better than most html templating systems I've tried, although it seems very similar to HAML which I also like. So let me put a couple resources here where I can find them later ...

  • Some Initial thoughts about Jekyll The Ruby-like syntax is a feature I like a lot, although I haven't developed anything using Ruby for quite a while now - unless some simple scripts and configs for things like Compass count.